Project Description:

GFace is about reusable SWT UI components. In order to encourage usage of SWT components in applications, a variaty of those components should exist.

The project purpose is to provide High-Quality, Great Look and Feel UI widgets in SWT.

Project Content:

  • Date Picker - UI widget for visually picking a day in a month.
  • Date Combo - Combo box that opens the date picker to select date
  • Hour Selection Combo - CCombo to select hour in a day
  • Search Box - Searchable drop-down list


  • Fully customizable - foreground, background, mark colors
  • Localized - Labels, Day Header, Date Formats - can be configure using the Locale and DateFormat
  • Supports SWT event mechanism
  • Samples provided by in Snippets - available both from CVS and as part of the distribution


Feedback is highly appreciated. Please send comments to
nirpaz AT If you are already using GFace also please let me know and I'll gladly publish it here